This is the personal website of Matt Price. I teach various subjects at the University of Toronto, including a lot of “Digital Humanities” courses of various stripes in the History Department, New College, and the Faculty of Information. I’m also on the board of Free Geek Toronto and have done some work with Mozilla’s Webmaker project and Hive Toronto, among other places.  I’ve recently been working with the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative, and served as the technical lead at the Toronto Guerrilla Archiving Event in December 2016/

This is mostly a place for me to collect my thoughts in the form of a blog, which I invite you to check out. At some point I will actually pay attention to the way the site looks; for now I’m assuming that most people will read it through an RSS reader, like, say, elfeed. I’ll probably be adding some other content to the site, too, in the coming weeks.

Other places I appear on the web: