Using mu4e and org-mime together

I use org-mime in my grading system, to email my comments on student papers. One frustrating element has always been that messages sent by org-mime were never saved to my sent-mail folder. I realized just recently that this was because I had failed to set emacs’s mail-user-agent, which I now do in my initial mu4e setup:

(setq mail-user-agent 'mu4e-user-agent)

Now org-mime attempts to send messages using mu4e’s internal compose functions. Unfortunately some of the information passed by org-mime is in a format that mu4e~compose-mail doesn’t like, so I had to make some very slight changes to that function:

diff --git a/mu4e/mu4e-compose.el b/mu4e/mu4e-compose.el
index a24e74a..0c7ec3c 100644
--- a/mu4e/mu4e-compose.el
+++ b/mu4e/mu4e-compose.el
@@ -780,7 +780,14 @@ draft message."

;; add any other headers specified (when other-headers - (message-add-header other-headers)) + (dolist (h other-headers other-headers) + (if (symbolp (car h)) (setcar h (symbol-name (car h)))) + (message-add-header (concat (capitalize (car h)) “: " (cdr h) “\n” )) + ) + ;; (dolist (h other-headers) + ;; (message-add-header h) ) + ;;(message-add-header other-headers) + )

;; yank message (if (bufferp yank-action)

The commit is in its my org-mu4e-compose branch, contianing a couple of other fixes, and in its own branch on github, if prefer to pull from there. A patch has been submitted, we’ll see what dcjb thinks of it.

With these changes, org-mime now works perfectly for me.

Last modified: 30 November 2016