I’ve tried to choose assignments that represent three categories: digital skills development; writing skills development; experiential education. In general I link to the assignment’s natural online habitat, but in a few places the materials were produced for offline consumption, in which case I have linked to a PDF.

Digital Skills

  • “Advanced Topics README” from HIS393. This is the general introduction to the final three assignments in Digital History, which are designed so as to allow students to convert them into a portfolio and personal website. The online repository has links to the individual project that are described in the text.
  • “DOM and Data README” from HIS393. In this assignment, students learn to perform basic web page manipulations with JavaScript. The full assignment repository contains the actual coding problems and reflection questions students are asked to perform. You may be interested in the heavily-scaffolded code examples, e.g., in part 1.


  • Technology Diary" from NEW103. A weekly writing exercise designed for first-year students with uneven university preparation.
  • Understanding Galileo” from RLG271. A short essay assignment with some creative options.
  • Implosion Assignment” from INF1501. A scaffolded research project for a graduate course taught in a professionsl master’s program.

Experiential Education

Last modified: 13 December 2020